Software FAQ

Can I convert SVF to Database?

In SiteView version 3.2.7, a function was added to convert SVF and append the data to the system’s database for that data logger. In the graph view of the SVF, click Export -> Append to DB menu entry to do the conversion: After the conversion, you can open the converted database file in Database Explorer in…

How can I create a new unit?

1. Click “Unit” button on the main toolbar to launch Unit Category dialog:   2. Click “Unit Category” button to add a new category:   3. Give the name of the Unit Category and fill out each unit row. Then click “OK” button to add the new Unit Category and its Units:

How can I switch between Imperial and Metric units?

Change Default Unit: Unit is configured in Unit Category dialog. You can open it by clicking on “Unit Category” button on the main tool bar: In the pop-up dialog, choose a Unit Category you want to work on. Then change the Default for the unit: For example, if you want to show Celsius for temperature…

Can I schedule to download the data? / Can SiteView automatically download the data periodically?

Yes, you can use Schedule Download Manager to schedule multiple downloads automatically. Click “Schedule Download Manager” button on the main tool bar: Click “Add New” button in the Schedule Download Manager dialog: Follow the on-screen instructions to add a new schedule download to the system. You can come back to Schedule Download Manager dialog to…

Is SiteView software compatible with Windows 8 and 10?

Yes it is. Starting from version 4.0.2, no extra action is needed for Windows 8 and 10. You just follow the on-screen instructions of the installation and SiteView will be ready to use. If you have a version prior to version 4.0.2, please contact us for the link of the latest version.

How can I change the decimal point of the reading?

You can change the decimal place of a Unit in the Unit Category dialog: Click “Unit Category” button on the main tool bar: In the pop-up dialog, select the unit category you want to change in the Unit Category List. Then change the Decimal Place field of the interesting Unit:

Can data in the logger be read out from other applications or programs?

Yes, SiteView SDK can be used to interface between other applications and a data logger. For detailed specifications of SiteView SDK please visit this page:

What is SiteView SDK?

SiteView Software Development Kit (SDK) is a .NET assembly (dll) used as a software driver/library of Microedge data loggers. Customers may develop their own Windows applications using the SDK to communicate with Microedge data loggers, configure new sessions, retrieve statuses, and download data. SiteView SDK includes all general functionalities to fulfill your data logging related…

Can I install SiteView in multiple computers?

SiteView software is site licensed. It can be installed into multiple computers within the same facility.

Is it possible to view real-time graph from SiteView?

Yes, if the data logger is connected to computer either via USB, Serial Port, or Ethernet/WIFI, in the status window of the logger you can click “Real-Time” button to launch the real-time dialog: A real-time dialog: