Battery FAQ

How long does the on-board battery last in a data logger?

If the sampling interval is one minute or slower, the battery can last over 10 years. To preserve the battery life you can power the logger via a USB port on your PC or any 5VDC wall adapter.

Can I change the battery by myself? Do you provide battery replacement service?

Yes, you may replace the battery by yourself but we strongly recommend allowing us or an authorized dealer to replace it for you. If you do need to replace the battery please send us an email we will then send you the detailed instructions.

How can I know the logger is in low battery mode? What should I do then?

The data logger monitors its own battery voltage level. If it detects a low battery voltage it will turn the status LED amber in the interval of sampling. We recommend you replace the battery as soon as possible.

What should I do to increase the battery life ?

Data logger only wakes up when it samples. If you do not use the logger you may set the sampling interval to 12 hours to save the battery power. When a data logger is connected to a computer, it will use the power supplied by the USB port instead of power from the internal battery.…